Reminder: NPH's Kids Are The Cutest Ones Around

It's about time one of America's funniest men got his own variety show and it's finally here: Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris premieres Tuesday night. The actor, comedian, and all-around good guy has successfully hosted the Primetime Emmys and the Tony Awards, as well as surviving a thorny experience Oscars host this year. While the series promises pranks, guests, and lots of fun, it's not clear if we'll see NPH's family appear on Best Time Ever . But, NPH posted an Instagram photo of hubby David Burtka, along with kids Harper and Gideon visiting the set on Monday. So, I think there's a strong possibility we'll see Harris' lovely family either on stage or simply in the audience.

Harris recently told the New York Post in an interview that his family moved to New York City, where he films the show at Kaufman Studios in Queens. "We moved to New York so our kids can be grounded in one place," the actor said. "I love the culture of the city, and how immediate it is. The city exists and we are all just part of it. The show is similar to that...Our show is risky to do, but inconsequential. It’s a fun hour to spend with your family and friends." Since they're already there, they might as well be on the show, right?

Just so you know who to look for on Tuesday night, here are some recent cute photos of NPH and his adorable family.

The Kids Are Funny, Too

How cute are these two? I think we know who they get it from.

They're On A Boat

From a fun time on the water to a delicious meal on the table.

Best Dance Class Ever

Gideon choose to be Iron Man and it looks like Harper is a mermaid. Too. Cute.

In Their Easter Best

They clean up so nice.

Defeating King Kong

Because the family that takes on mythical beasts together, stays together.

Here's hoping these cuties are side-by-side with NPH on Tuesday. Or, that the proud parents at least gift us some more adorable Instagram snaps. I'll take either option.