'The Bastard Executioner' Vs. 'Sons Of Anarchy': These FX Shows Have More In Common Than Kurt Sutter

I never expected to enjoy a show like Sons of Anarchy. I mean, at face value, a story that centers around a motorcycle gang isn't exactly the usual genre I tend to gravitate toward. But when I finally broke down and watched the first episode, I became instantly hooked to these SAMCRO members. And it was a love affair that continued until the characters hung up their leather jackets in last year's SOA series finale. And while I still miss it just as much as I did almost a year ago, I'm also thrilled that another Kurt Sutter production is about to come to fruition in this week's FX series premiere of The Bastard Executioner . Sure, from an outside perspective, these two storylines could not be more different, but if you look close enough, you'll find that The Bastard Executioner and Sons of Anarchy have more in common than you may think.

In fact, former True Blood star Stephen Moyer, who plays the manipulative Milus Corbett on TBX, recently paralleled the two shows to Entertainment Weekly and likened himself to being the Clay Morrow-type figure. "If you actually analyze it, a very simple first look, I’m Clay, and he’s [Lee Jones’ character] Jax. You can see that," Moyer reveals. "There’s definitely connections, and you see rhythms within [Sutter's] storytelling, which lead to Shakespearean tragedy in the same way that Sons was Hamlet with leathers."

So what other kind of connections could he be referring to? Let's take a moment to round up what else TBX and SOA could have in common, along with what makes them unique entities of their own.

Similarity: The Promise Of Bloodshed

The characters might be using swords and horses instead of guns and Harleys, but that doesn't mean the death count won't be piled just as high on either show. This is a Sutter creation, after all, so there's bound to be death, violence, and bloodshed. (Though, not necessarily in that order.) Because regardless of how much armor you're wearing, no one can hide from the Grim Reaper.

Difference: Modern Day Vs. Medieval

I mean, this one's kinda obvious, right? The time period for both of these shows could not be more different, given that one takes place in the 14th century while the other existed in the land of cell phones, cars, and, you know, running water. So, yeah, that's going to change things up slightly.

Similarity: Familiar Faces

Not only will Katey Sagal (who played Gemma Teller Morrow in Sons), Timothy V. Murphy (who played Galen O’ Shay in Sons), and Sutter himself (who played Otto in Sons) have prominent roles throughout TBX, but Sutter has indicated that other SOA alums such as Charlie Hunnam (Jax) and Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) have shown an interest in coming aboard the TBX cast. “Charlie really wants to come and do, like, a little arc," Sutter revealed to Entertainment Weekly. Granted, none of these actors would be playing their SOA characters, but still! Just seeing them all reunited on the small screen would be enough to send our SAMCRO feels into overdrive.

Difference: Motivations

A new show means new characters with new motivations for doing what they do. Sure, some incentives may still be the same (greed, power, love), but the reasons behind these desires will be totally different, as will the characters' means for accomplishing them. (I highly doubt gun and drug trafficking will play a significant role.)

Similarity: A Journey Of Corruption & Redemption

If Jax Teller is any indication, I have a feeling Jones' Wilkin Brattle has quite a difficult journey ahead of him — one that will see him spiral into darkness only to rise up at the very end and redeem all of his past actions. Let's just hope it has a less grave outcome.

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