Guys Describe Their Perfect Wedding & These Shindigs Sound Like They Would Be A Blast — VIDEO

Common stereotypes would have us believe that women dream about their weddings forever, beginning when they're little girls officiating their Barbies' nuptials. Those same stereotypes teach us that men have to be dragged down the aisle and would probably rather be bachelors forever. Right? At least, that's what we're socialized to believe. But BuzzFeed's new video, in which men describe their dream wedding, proves these stereotypes to be at least a little un-true — and you guys? It's also super cute. Just saying.

I mean, OK, do they talk about the color scheme or the flowers? No, but neither do I when I talk about my dream wedding. Because my dream wedding involves an extensive amount of glitter, and that covers both of those bases. And yes, the topic of food dominates a large portion of the conversation, and there's a very touching Vin Diesel shout out. And pinball machines are mentioned. I'm not sure what you were expecting, but all this sounds pretty on point.

But the one thing that these guys can agree on is that the idea that women are the only ones thinking about "the big day" is a myth. Dudes dream about it, too. And they're dreaming about Vin Diesel and pie, apparently.

So let's put this wedding on its feet! Get a li'l preview to the big day. See what we're working with.

1. The Venue

"It's underwater. Or in space. One of the two."

2. The Ceremony

"Vin Diesel is officiating, KC and Jojo sing 'All My Life' as I walk down the aisle, teacup pig is my ring bearer."

3. The First Dance

"Our first dance would be, like, a really quiet, sweet, slow song. And then all of a sudden it turns into the most hood-ass, ass-shaking music you ever heard in your life, and we're just, like, grinding on each other."

4. The Food

"And then suddenly, sliders come out. F*ck yeah, sliders."

5. The Cake

"I kind of want a pecan pie instead of a wedding cake."

Check out the full video below for some serious "d'aww" moments. Who else thinks these parties would be a blast to go to?

Images: John Hope/Flickr; Giphy (5)