Zoo Recreates "Wildest Dreams" Music Video & It's Not The First Amazing Taylor Swift Parody — VIDEO

Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video has been a hot topic since it's release at the MTV VMAs Pre-Show. From its beautiful cinematography to its controversial setting, it's all people are talking about in regards to the new single. In an unusual twist, a zoo has made their own version of the "Wildest Dreams" music video. No, really. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium of Ohio has decided to join the discussion, and the Internet is raving over their amazing parody.

The video was an amazing ode to T. Swift's latest release, and features five Columbus Zoo and Aquarium employees singing along to the track while they dance alongside lions, baby tigers, and fake 1900s airplanes. The video ends with the staff pleading that Swift comes to visit the zoo so that the female employees, and fans of the "Blank Space" singer, would "finally shut up." The zoo posted the funny music video to their Facebook page, gaining over 2,000 likes and over 1,000 shares, and these numbers are growing.

These Columbus fans aren't the only ones who have been inspired by the big productions that are T. Swift's famous music videos. Several fan-made covers of her biggest singles and music videos have gone viral over the years, showing just how popular Ms. Swift is.

Here's a run down of some of the most popular covers and parodies, in no particular order.

1. "Blank Space"/"Style" Mash-Up

Watch this one for yourself; it'll leave you breathless! This mash-up cover of two of Swift's singles from 1989, "Blank Space" and "Style," is ingenious and sounds beautiful. Can we have more T. Swift mash-ups like this one please?

2. "Blank Space (Mom Version)"

How many of you would die with embarrassment if your mother was in this parody video? Not only is it painfully funny, but it looks like it's painfully true of busy mothers today. Oh, and the Barbie Dreamhouse opening scene was perfect.

3. "We Are Never Getting Back Together (Joey Graceffa Cover)"

Popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa hopped on the T. Swift train three years ago with a cover of her first non-country single "We Are Never Getting Back Together." His male interpretation of her lyrics must have connected with his viewers based off of the millions of views he attained!

4. "Shake It Off (Pinterest Parody)"

Being in a sorority, I can definitely relate to this one, even though it's from a mom's point of view. Her obsession with crafting, staying up late, and pinning pictures to her already lengthy Pinterest boards is hilarious but also very #relatable.

5. "32 (Taylor Swift Parody)"

This gem made me deathly afraid of reaching my 30s. The hilarious parody of Taylor Swift's "22", a celebration of feeling young, wild, and free, is an ode to women in their 30s and what it's like having a good time in adulthood.

6. "Bad Blood (MattyBRaps Cover Feat. Brooke Adee)"

You didn't think that I would write about YouTube covers and not include MattyB, did you? Whenever he posts a new cover, it's only natural that it gets millions of views. This cover of "Bad Blood" shows his "dark" side as he angrily raps Kendrick Lamar's verses by the train tracks. Straight up G'.

7. "Red (Against The Current Cover Video)"

This cover of Swift's "Red" is probably one of the most popular on YouTube. Cover band Against the Current did a great job of taking this pop/country song and making it sound beautiful with an acoustic guitar.

A good Taylor Swift single or video always comes with a bunch of fan-made covers. It's inevitable when you reach the "Wildest Dreams" singer's level. What's the next single she will choose? And, more importantly, how will WhatsUpMoms cover it?

Images: TaylorSwiftVEVO/YouTube