Did Annora Kill Wilkin's Wife On 'The Bastard Executioner'? The Witch Has The Murder Weapon & Possible Motives

Well, that's one way to start a good ol' fashioned rebellion. FX's new series The Bastard Executioner follows former knight Wilkin Brattle, who put down his sword after being broken down by the horrors of war. However, he is forced to pick it up once again after his wife is murdered while he leads a rebellion against a violent, hateful Baron and his army. The series has a lot of complicated, intriguing plot lines, but the one I find most exciting is the reveal that Annora may have killed Wilkin's wife. Annora is touted in the pilot as a healer and a "witch" who seems to have taken a liking to both Wilkin and his wife. For some reason, she seems to have plans for Wilkin, and it's possible that in order to make these plans play out the way she envisioned, she killed his wife.

The theory definitely has its merit, as we see in the final minutes of the pilot that Annora and her mysterious fellow traveler are in possession of the dagger that stabbed Wilkin's wife in her pregnant stomach. Now, it's also possible that Annora's traveler killed Wilkin's wife, but before she died, she seemed to recognize her killer. It doesn't seem likely that she knew the male traveler's face as before the reveal of his strange skin, he was always wearing a large hood.

So what would be Annora's purpose for killing Wilkin's wife? What does she have planned for Wilkin himself? She clearly helped heal him and set him on his path to becoming the executioner for the Baron's right-hand man Milus, but why? It's plausible that she wanted to see the start of a rebellion, as a witch could want chaos around her in order to eventually gain more power. But Annora also tells Wilkin that she knows about his visions of the young girl with the white hair, the possible angel. Perhaps Annora's reasoning behind the killing is deeply religious in nature. Does she want the rebellion to occur so religious unrest can be quelled? If that's the case, the rebels themselves might endure some religious tension as the idea of religion does come up after their victorious battle.

Annora is a fascinating character with a lot of layers that we're only just seeing. She's clearly preparing for something epic to happen and it'll be ridiculously fun to uncover that mystery throughout this season of The Bastard Executioner.

Image: Ollie Upton/FX