BellaBeat's LEAF Just Got Even Cooler

Wearable technology is trying more and more to appeal to all the fashionistas out there, and BellaBeat has really hit the nail on the head. The LEAF fitness tracker is available rose gold now, ensuring that it can match all of your other perfectly on-trend accessories.

Not in the LEAF loop? This little guy is like a personal assistant and a fashionable life coach all in one. Designed specifically for women from the look down to the features, the device tracks all your fitness stats and so much more, including your ovulation, stress levels, and the quality of your sleep. Previously available in silver and gold, the company has designed a limited edition rose gold color that you can scoop up as well. LEAF has a dark wood background and a metal leaf pattern overlay that make it just about the most stylish little fitness tracker around.

And it might just be the most versatile tracker on the market. The LEAF can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, or pin, making it easy to pair with any outfit. Clip it onto a sports bra or leave it as a necklace for a night out — the stylish possibilities are endless. The best part is that it works with the same effectiveness no matter how it's worn.

The color isn't the only thing new about LEAF. Because every woman is different, the brand has made it so that you can personalize your activity into specific sections like cycling, yoga, tennis and more. It also now offers advice cards for sleeping after monitoring your breathing patterns for the night.

The LEAF fitness accessory also works as somewhat of a therapist as well. It's is able to sense when you're stressed and gives you certain breathing techniques to try. It also sends you little notes when it knows you're PMSing and reminds you when you've been inactive for a little too long. Who doesn't need a little nudge every now and then?

If only LEAF told you when you're overreacting and gave relationship advice, it would be a stand-in best friend!

Photos: BellaBeat