Learn LOL Nail Art Tips From A Drunk YouTuber

YouTube is a broad horizon for beauty tips, but this has to be one of the funniest deliveries ever. Carmen Austin, AKA Toulouse Goose, posted a video of her doing nail art while getting tipsy. And the results were, of course, hysterical commentary, but also a pretty great intoxicated manicure.

OK, so painting my nails and drinking wine is pretty much every Friday night in a nutshell for me, but let's be real: I definitely don't have her mad manicure skillz. (Also, I don't put honey crisp apples in my wine, but I'm loving that idea. Sangria, anyone?)

From start to finish, Austin takes viewers through her process, and in between her relatable quips about drinking a little too much wine are some awesome nail art tips. I'm usually one to shy away from any video over two minutes long, but every moment of this 10-minute-long video was worth it. By the end, I was inspired to experiment with my own nails — and to be her best friend.

Needless to say, this is the most hilarious nail polish tutorial I've ever watched. The best part, though, is the secret she reveals at the end: "This whole time, I haven't had any pants on."

Here are 10 things we learned from Carmen's intoxicated manicure documentation:

Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Sucks

Step one: remove your existing nail polish. (RIP.) Her advice: "Use real acetone, because nail polish remover that's not acetone sucks."

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Nail Prep 101: Open Your Cuticle Oil Before You Put On Lotion

The struggle is so real. Nail prep is important, obvs, but doing it in the right order is also crucial: "I like to wash my hands, put some lotion on, and also put cuticle oil on my cuticles...which really you should do every day, but I am lazy and don't do it every day. Also, you should open the cuticle oil before you put lotion on, which I forgot about."

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Bubbles In Your Base Coat = No Good, Man

"When you're painting on the base coat, lots of bubbles in the base coat, that's no good man! Your base coat is bad, get a new base coat!" Words from the wise.

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One Color Is Boring

"Did you guys notice that my manicure before this was only one single color? Like, that's so boring, right?!" She ends up using two different ones and alternating with every nail, which actually ends up looking awesome in the end result.

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Paint The Edge Of Your Nail

So annoying, but so useful: using your brush to paint the top edge of your nail can be tricky, but it's everything when it comes to preventing chips. She agrees: "It's important." (You can do this with your top coat, too.)

Get Creative With Your Tools

"It's important to be creative. Just in life. But one way to do that is with your nails." She found a stippling brush at a craft store and used it to create a super neat splatter effect, using the opposite color on each nail. Gotta get myself to Hobby Lobby stat.

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Cereal Boxes Make Great Palettes For Nail Polish Art

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Definitely using this tip: to dip her brush stippling brush in the polish, she poured a little bit on a torn-off cereal box piece. Genius, no matter what your nail art tool of choice is.

Progress update on Carmen, BTW: "Too much wine! OK, but, I have to finish my manicure, so, soldier on." Priorities.

Glitter Is Always The Answer

After a brief "I-Don't-Know-Where-I'm-Going-With-This" moment, she settles on a layer of glitter polish. I approve.

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Top Coats Are Important

"When you've given yourself a rad manicure, you've gotta put a top coat on that!" You already knew this, but hey, a little reminder can't hurt.

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Another progress update: "I still have wine in my wine glass. That I don't think I'm gonna drink because I've had too much wine. And I have class at 9:30 in the morning tomorrow."

Pointy Q-Tips Are The Best Clean-Up Tools

You can't get through a tipsy nail art manicure without coloring outside the lines a little. Pour a little nail polish remover in the bottle cap and use a pointy Q-tip to touch it up — if regular Q-tips aren't doing the trick, just wait a few days for the rogue bits to wear off. Carmen can attest to this: "If it gets on your skin, it'll come off later. Your skin doesn't let stuff stick to it. If you get a tattoo, like a permanent tattoo, that's gonna stay. but nail polish is not gonna stay."

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More Nail Art Tipsy Tips videos, please?

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