YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen & Hannah Hart Are One Stylish Couple — PHOTOS

Is there anything more beautiful than when bloggers unite and fall in love mid-process? According to an interview with DIVA Magazine, Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen are officially dating. Cue all the swoons and ohs and ahs. I may not be surprised per say — ever since Nilsen came out on YouTube at the beginning of the summer the two vloggers have been spending a significant amount of time together — I couldn’t be more pleased at the confirmation. They are too cute!

Artists are a rare breed of lovers. For some industries it’s definitely not an easy time working with your significant other — in a small office two can be a crowd. But in the blogging world, these rules don’t necessarily apply. Bloggers create, and thrive off individuality and freedom of expression. It’s a world unlike any out there. Personally, I’ve never seen a more accepting and supportive environment than the blogging industry, so it only makes sense that two bloggers have romantic potential.

Hart told DIVA, "To have a peer who is also my partner, who does what I do and gets this world, this world that we live in, but also gets the world inside ourselves? Oh my god. I couldn't be happier." Likewise, Hart.

Knowing what I know now, I back-tracked to a certain video Nilsen posted about two weeks after her coming out. She kickstarted a mini series on her channel that explored people's "spaces," their homes and objects that held significant meaning. First on her list was none other than Hart, and judging by her introduction speech, I got to thinking that maybe there was more to this friendship than admiration.

"If I had to sum up what its like to be with Hannah," Nilsen said, "what its like to be spending time with her, I would say that it's like a wonderful dinner that lingers late into the evening and you don't even notice how late it is because its just so easy."

If that didn't give you all the feels, you have no soul.

Making the conscious decision to come out as gay when your living life in the public eye takes courage and bravery. I am so thrilled that both Nilsen and Hart have been accepted by their followers, and have found a partnership in one another.

So while I send all the congratulations and well wishes their way, I'm also going to pause for a moment and applaud them on being one of the most stylish couples on the Tube. Check out five photos below of the beautiful couple in all their fashionable glory.

1. Beanies And Stripes

I adore how completely opposite Hart and Nilsen's styles are, yet they compliment each other all too perfectly.

2. Casually In The Kitchen

So much swag in one photo, I can't. Nilsen's checkered crop top and bold red lip is simple, yet classic while Hart's rustic button down pairs well with that handle of whiskey.

3. Double Denim

Hart's denim jacket is actually pretty on-trend at the moment, and I'll always have a soft spot for denim overalls. Thanks for bringing me back to the elementary days, Nilsen.

4. Plaid

I love a plaid and this is all-too appropriate with fall marking it's territory next week.

5. Opposites Attract

These two represent their personal styles in every outfit, and I love their natural contrast.

6. Sunglass Style

This adorable snap features Nilsen's killer silver Quay sunglasses juxtaposed against Hart's black shades and baseball cap. Sporty meets classically chic!