Surprising Thieves Steal Sexy Calendars

A crafty couple of thieves stole $2,000 worth of risqué calendars from a Georgia mall last Saturday, leaving some protest signs behind. About 100 calendars showing scantily clad men and women, including the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, were taken from the kiosk.

Owner Jessica Roy describes the thieves as a young white couple. This thieving duo decided to take matters into their own hands and fight some sexual objectification. The dozen of signs they left in place of the calendars say things like "Sorry, misogyny is out of stock" and "Women are people, not fantasies."

“They were pre-printed signs (and) all the messages on the signs basically say the same thing that they just didn’t agree with basically having the human body as meat on display,” Roy says.

Roy only has her stand three months out of the year and works on commission. She says the theft has cost her all her profits this year and, on top of that, her employees' Christmas bonuses.

But Roy is ready to forgive and forget, and prepared to offer a reward for any information leading to an arrest. “[The calendars] are on consignment, but I’m responsible for them,” she says. “Not only do I sign a security deposit, which now I’ll lose, I’m also responsible for any merchandise that’s missing.”

“I’m pretty forgiving," says Roy. "You want to bring them back crumpled and wet and soggy and put them in a box or bag and leave them for me, that’s fine. I can write off damaged products; I can’t write off missing product.” No word yet on whether she thinks she should've gone with the puppy calendars instead.

Images: Doug Waldron/Flickr, Sandra Parrish/WSB-TV