11 New Year's Eve Hairstyles For Every Fete

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In this season of temperamental weather, mobs of merrymakers and generalized chaos, one's hair can take a serious beating. And when it comes to holiday parties and ringing in the New Year, it's a fairly universal expectation that all in attendance will step up their coiffing game, at least past the basic wind-blown, not-fashionably-tousled 'do that results from a wash-and-go routine. When you're at a loss for what to do with lackluster locks, look no further than our very own trend-setters who have a team of stylists to conjure up a bit of hair-spiration.

For New Year's Eve, the common denominator is style with staying power, and of which is course a bit artfully untamed. It is a celebration, after all, and what fun is a party without a little edge? We looked to Instagram for inspiration, and found 15 celebrities who rocked hairstyles fit for a party into the wee hours.

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