Why Rachel Bilson Is The Best Celeb On Instagram

My Instagram feed has two distinct categories: aspirational (think celebs/magazines/designers), and my friends. But there's one celebrity who more fits in with the kinds of things my friends post than with the former — Rachel Bilson shared a totally normcore outfit on Instagram today, consisting of a regular 'ol tee, a jean skirt, and sandals, according to Us Weekly.It's not some super-glam shot in an exotic location with tons of makeup and expensive clothing. She posted a mirror selfie. And it's blurry. And I don't even think there's a filter on it. Rachel, can we be BFFS?

The Hart of Dixie actress recently joined Instagram, and she's quickly become one of my favorites to follow. The new mom's posts are always so relatable and down-to-earth: she shows us the real side of her life, not the celebrity brand she's become. And I LOVE it. Her latest snap is no different — the 34-year-old posted a photo on Monday of herself posing in a mirror, wearing a denim skirt, a polka dot tee, no makeup, and a messy bun. Of course her post-baby body looks completely flawless, but I'm more drawn to the fact that this could have easily been a post one of my friends put up. There's nothing about it that screams "celebrity."

Here are 11 other times Rachel Bilson was really REAL on Instagram, also known as why I want to be best friends with the former OC star.

1. Being Silly

No glamour shots for this one. She'd rather good off.

2. Showing Off Her New Baby

When your friends have babies, you'll start to notice their feeds fill up with everything baby-related. Though Rachel hasn't shown us any snaps of Briar Rose, she's shown us just about everything related to her, like this new initial ring.

3. ...More Baby Stuff

Briar's toys!

4. ...Even More Baby Stuff...

Briar's shoes!

5. Family Photos

Just a day at the park with her loved ones. I can't with how adorable this is.

6. Lounging Around The House

And her table is even cluttered!

7. Another Mirror Outfit Selfie

Even the fashion bloggers are more glammed up than Rach.

8. Obligatory Coffee Cup

She doesn't even care if this makes her #basic. (At least it isn't Starbucks...)

9. Kissie Selfie

As all your friends in relationships do.

10. Food

Because nothing is more real than posting pictures of your food.

11. Touristy Travel Shot

Even when she's in PARIS, she still manages to look like a total tourist instead of the mega-star she is.

Rachel, can we be pals?