What Are The Top Fashion Brands On Instagram?

There's no doubt that Instagram has completely revolutionized the way we eat, shop, and live our lives. Every photo can't just look cute, it has to be Instagram-worthy. Companies around the world agree, and the most Instagrammed fashion brands drive user engagement in ways you wouldn't believe.

Celebrities, brands, and restaurants all understand the value of the massive Instagram audience. Statista reported the social network had 300 million active users in December 2014, and that number continues to grow. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian allegedly make thousands of dollars to post endorsements of products on networks like Twitter and Instagram.

It's no wonder brands want to tap into that massive audience, and some are doing it with more success than others. M by Macy's studied Instagram users' engagement with fashion brands on the network, and released the findings on its website. The results are a somewhat surprising mix of low-to-mid end products and aspirational fashion brands like Cartier and Dior. In some ways, that makes sense. Instagram is all about eye candy, and people love following celebrities who post photos wearing products they've always dreamed of having.

One brand was the far-and-away winner of the most Instagrammed brand, (can you guess it?) but here are the seven top brands on Instagram, based on hashtag mentions.

7. Adidas

All day I dream about fresh white kicks.

6. Vans Shoes

They're not just for skater girls and boys.

5. Hermès

They might not be the most affordable brand, but boy, are their mostly Parisian-based photos pretty to gawk at.

4. Dior

Whether it's their makeup or shoes or to-die-for dresses, Dior is providing major eye candy to us all.

3. Gucci

Gucci is timeless, and their standing in this list solidifies it.

2. Prada

Honestly, this shocked me a bit, but then again, who doesn't love themselves some Prada?

1. Nike

Are you surprised by the results? I can't say I'm surprised to see Nike at the top of the list, and they far surpassed all the other brands in mentions and followers. Vans Shoes was a little bit unexpected, too, but the skateboard-style shoe company does some surprisingly cool things with its account.

Either way, these brands are clearly doing something right, and I suggest following them to keep up on the latest and greatest posts on Instagram.