Of Course Lady Gaga's Glasses Are Extreme

Eyeglasses exist to correct vision (duh) but reading glasses can have a two-fold purpose. They can be fashionable and they can be one of your style signatures and an accessory. Lady Gaga wore cat eye reading glasses that are super exaggerated in shape, because of course she did.

These exaggerated specs totally transformed Mother Monster's face. She reminded us that specs really do offer plenty of terrific additional benefits.

Gaga looks like she came from the future with her glasses. I wouldn't be surprised if Gaga's pointed glasses with clear lenses had absolutely no vision correction element to them at all. That doesn't stop them from being the most fabulous frames I've seen in, like, ever. I admit to coveting them hardcore.

Gaga wore the glasses with her bowl-cut baby bangs, which caused some controversy earlier this week when an indie band accused her of copying their singer's look.

By wearing the bangs and the glasses together, Gaga combined two extreme elements, which both compete for attention, on the top half of her face. Somehow, some way, she pulled it off and it worked. That's why she is such a fashion renegade — she isn't afraid to attempt strong looks.

That shape is so severe and that's why the specs are so memorable.

The frames are so unique because of the turnt up shape of the outer corners and the fact that they are black on the inner corners. It's a futuristic juxtaposition. They're like a rebel version of Chanel's interlocking Cs.

So you love this shape and want something in the same family, if not quite as severe? There are options.

The thickness of this acetate pair is statement-making for all the sexy librarian wannabes out there. ($28,

Don't you love the nerdy-cute thickness of these Valley optical frames, dubbed "Marmont?" ($199 AU,

Valley's Wolves shape is super popular. I own a pair in matte black and a leather-wrapped pair. But those are sunglasses. These optical, tortoise-shell frames give you a owl x cat look. The shape is more rounded but so unforgettable. ($199 AU,

Look smart with Valley's Genius Child frame style ($199 AU,

Valley's XVI frames are super geometric. No one else in your orbit will have these glasses if you nab 'em. ($199 AU,

Valley is my favorite sunglasses brand, so of course I am partial to their optic options.

If you want to ditch the contact lenses and rock extreme, angular reading glasses like an accessory, there are plenty of choices. You will punch up your look in the easiest way.

Images: Lady Gaga/Instagram (1); NatsLovegame/Twitter (1); Zenni Opitcal (1); Valley Eyewear (4)