Jessica Simpson Loves Her Some Husband

I never could have imagined that Jessica Simpson would continue to be one of my favorite pop stars from the late '90s/early '00s era. Her music wasn't always my favorite, but Simpson went on to grow a billion dollar empire and leave us with one of the most iconic life questions of all time: "Is this chicken or is this fish?" Simpson is now a mother to two beautiful babies and definitely acts like a mom on social media, with her dramatic and extremely over-the-top Instagram posts. She is proud of her family and enjoying her career, as she should be, and if there's one more thing I know is true about her, it's that Jessica Simpson can barely contain her passion for her husband Eric Johnson.

And bravo to her for that! Naturally, on Johnson's birthday, Simpson took to Instagram to share a lovely message and photo of her husband, gushing over how "hot" he is. And well, he is. I admire that between having a hugely successful career post-pop stardom, she is wholly devoted to her family and nothing makes it more apparent than the way she shows them off on social media. Simpson is proudly in love with her husband, and here are nine moments that show just that.

1. When They Got Frisky On Easter

This is not your ordinary family get-together.

2. When Her Bedroom Eyes Said It All

What happened on May 21?!

3. When Her Caption Was For Him

Even when posting a beautiful selfie, she had to proclaim how much she loved him. Awww.

4. When She Complimented His Hands

Because when you're in love, everything about your favorite person is beautiful.

5. When They Casually Hung Out On The Couch

Just a normal day in the Simpson-Johnson household. Nothing to see here.

6. When They Celebrated Valentine's Day

And we got a very intimate peek into their life.

7. When They Shared A Bedtime Kiss

It's the little things...

8. When It Was Their Four-Year Anniversary

And she said she was honored to be loved by him.

9. When She Put It All Out There

The caption reads, "I'm so in love with you," and that's all there is to say about that. Jessica Simpson might just be one of the happiest ladies out there.