Aria & Erza Are The Best Of Friends IRL

As if Pretty Little Liars fans needed another reason to adore Ezria, aka Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz. Well, thanks to Lucy Hale sharing this sweet post about Ian Harding, I think it's safe to say PLL fans are going to love this duo even more — on and off the screen. Wednesday just so happens to be Harding's 29th birthday. First, happy birthday Mr. Fitz — I mean, Ian! Second, Hale, being the adorable person that she is, wished her onscreen other half a very happy birthday on Instagram, in addition to gushing about their special bond. She wrote,

I'll never forget the first time I met this guy and how he has made my life so much more interesting for the past 6 years. He truly is a ball of energy with a beautiful heart to match. Ian, I adore ya my friend. Thanks for (literally) dancing & singing at 5am call times and sometimes making me want to punch you, but at the end of the day I am so grateful for your infectious attitude. Happy birthday buddy!

It's official: They're the absolute cutest and just proved to PLL fans everywhere they truly are the best of friends in real life. You know, this isn't the first time Hale has shared pictures and sweet words about Harding on social media. And Harding does it too.

With that said, why not celebrate Ezria's relationship offscreen by checking out some their best moments as real-life friends?

When Lucy Supported Ian

Not only does Harding call Lucy a "goose," but she also supports an organization near and dear to his heart, the Lupus Foundation of America. Harding's mom was diagnosed with Lupus and now he raises awareness in honor of her.

When They Took This Adorable Selfie

The cuteness is real, people.

When Lucy Reminisced About Ezria

So. Many. Feelings.

When They Shared A Coke

Legendary appropriately describes this friendship.

When Lucy Wore Ian's Face

Who wouldn't?

When Lucy Straightened Ian's Hair

Now that's true friendship.

When They Were Both Cute & Creepy

Oh hey, Toby and Spencer!

Finally, This

This is what friendship looks like.