You Need This 2015 Emmys Drinking Game

In just a few days time, TV fanatics everywhere will be tuning in to watch the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards for what's sure to be (as always) an unforgettable evening centered around the thing we all love most — television. If award shows were the equivalent of football games, then consider the Emmys to be my Superbowl. One night dedicated entirely to TV and the many talented actors/writers that make it all possible. Sounds like pretty much the best time ever, right? Well, I've a discovered a way to make it even better and — surprise, surprise — it involves alcohol! In honor of this joyous annual occasion, I've taken the liberty of creating a 2015 Emmys drinking game that's guaranteed to lift your spirits (pun intended) regardless of who wins or loses.

I mean, let's face it, between the two-hour red carpet and three-hour award show immediately following, this ceremony is going to take up a huge chunk of your day. And what better way to help prepare you for the onslaught of hilarious (and sometimes downright awkward) antics that come with a live show than by consuming vast amounts of delicious alcoholic beverages? (Please note that this is only intended for those who are of the legal drinking age, of course!) So round up your closest friends, grab your preferred drink of choice, and follow these simple instructions for a rip-roaring good time that will make everyone feel like a winner by night's end.

Take A Sip If:

  • Someone gets photobombed.
  • A red carpet interview gets super awkward. (So basically, any E! interview you happen to stumble upon.)
  • Andy Samberg shamelessly promotes Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • Justin Timberlake shows up on stage.
  • Any SNL skit takes place.

Take A Shot If:

  • A Brooklyn Nine-Nine star makes a cameo.
  • The music starts playing over someone's acceptance speech.
  • Someone falls on their way up the stairs.
  • A musical number ensues.
  • The winner isn't there to accept their award.
  • Modern Family wins for Best Comedy… yet again.

Down The Whole Thing If:

  • A spontaneous celebrity make-out session occurs.
  • The In Memoriam reel gives you all the feels. (That way the tears won't leave you dehydrated.)
  • Amy Poehler wins Lead Actress in a Comedy. (Celebratory drinks for everyone!)
  • Your favorite show/star doesn't win in their nominated category.

Cheers, everyone! I'll see you on the other side. And, as always, be sure to drink responsibly!

Images: Giphy; virginiachance/Tumblr; stasykara/Tumblr