'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Supporter vs. Michael Ian Black On Twitter Is a Must-Read

The man who brought us "The World's First Twitter War" when he instigated a celeb feud with fellow comedian LeVar Burton to gain followers on the site is at it again today. Michael Ian Black, the comedian and actor who's set to star in the Fox 2014 comedy series Us & Them, started a feud with a Duck Dynasty fan that had thrown her support behind Phil Robertson this afternoon. Some fans of the A&E show and its patriarch Phil Robertson got vocal on social media over the reality star’s comments about homosexuality in the January 2014 issue of GQ and used the hashtag “I Stand With Phil” to start a petition to end his suspension from the hit show. And Black was obviously not having that.

And so begins the Twitter war you probably missed today but it's so funny that we need to bring it to your attention. Black goes back and forth with a female user on the site with a bio that reads: “Hi there! Born & bred North Jersey girl residing in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of NY. i am damn mad 'bout 2012 & totally fed up w/the GOP 4life.”

She's also apparently a fan of Phil Robertson because she took serious offense to Black's statements and, in turn, the bait he was putting out to start a feud. Enjoy...