Why Fall Is The Best Season For Introverts

by Chrissa Hardy

With summer long behind us and the hustle of the upcoming holidays before us, introverts revel in the quiet seasonal transition of fall. That's because, without question, fall is the best season for introverts. As the more mellow, introspective creatures of the world, introverts seem to naturally thrive in autumn. Maybe it is the peaceful comfort found in the changing colors, or maybe it is just easier for us to blend in beneath our giant fall sweaters. Either way, this is our favorite time of year. And it hurts our souls to know it will soon be over. Please don't show up early, winter. It's rude, and totes unbecoming.

Until our society stops treating introverts like the lesser, stranger members of society — seriously, introverts are the bomb, and they deserve more credit than that — introverts are forced to seek solace in certain situations and environments in which they feel comfortable and accepted. Extroverts are often celebrated in social and professional situations, but introverts have so much to offer the world... I mean, duh. And since introverts appreciate balance as opposed to life's extremes, fall is their dream time of year. Here are all the reasons introverts are made for fall.

1. It's the best time of year to start a new hobby

Introverts are like sponges when it comes to learning something new. They enjoy a solo intellectual or physical challenge in which they can get inside their heads and focus. Since fall is all about back to school and fresh starts, introverts will naturally seek new knowledge, long after graduation.

2. Introverts are totally content to just sit and watch the leaves change

Introverts are insanely observant. They find they learn the most by watching, instead of actively participating. And since this is a season where the physical landscape of the word around them changes at a fairly rapid pace, you'll probably find your introvert besties just marveling at nature from a bench outside somewhere.

3. Fall wardrobes are what introverts crave

Putting on an over-sized cozy sweater for the day is kind of like wrapping yourself up in an enormous blanket and calling it an outfit — and it's basically an introvert's dream. Nothing beats comfortable clothing you can snuggle in.

4. Summer crowds have dispersed

Everybody is out and about in the summertime. That's fine and all, and I get it, because the weather is nice. But introverts don't like crowds very much, so the quiet that comes with fall is a welcome break from chaos.

5. A chilly day is a perfect excuse to stay in and read

The weather is colder, the days are shorter, which makes fall the time to relax and nap and chill way more often. If you cancel plans because you're "too tired" to go out, your friends will get it. They probably feel the same way, and just want to stay home. Everybody wins.

6. Big summer barbecues become small intimate dinner parties

Introverts thrive in more intimate situations with fewer people. They're all about quality over quantity, and since you can only fit so many people in your house or apartment, that usually cuts the party guest list way down. One-on-one convos are right in their wheelhouse, so introverts will be surprisingly chatty in these scenarios.

7. The upcoming holiday season makes introverts appreciate all they have

If your bestie is an introvert, count yourself lucky. Introverts are extremely loyal to their pack, but tend to be quite selective about those they choose to form relationships with. And since the holidays are all about family and love and togetherness, introverts get to show their appreciation for the few that they trust. The holiday season is coming, but even though it's not quite here yet, introverts are feeling the love right now.

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Image: Foundry/Pixabay; Giphy (7)