Jaden Smith Brought His New Boo To NYFW

Jaden Smith is a cool teen, one of the many in the cool teen revolution that's going on right now. And one of the things that's on the official cool teen itinerary is sitting front row at New York Fashion Week with your new boo. Jaden Smith took his new girlfriend out on the town this week at NYFW, and the girl with the perfectly-ombred blonde bob smooching Will Smith Jr. might have you wondering: just who is Jaden Smith's new girlfriend? Her name is Sarah Snyder, and she seems like she can live up to Jaden's expectations of cool.

All eyes were on Smith and Snyder when they showed up to the Gypsy Sport runway show on Tuesday. Smith was sporting some of the fashion line himself, opting for a cool leopard-print varsity jacket. But everyone was more interested in the girl on his arm, Sarah Snyder, especially because they were K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Synder is a model from New York, and the two young, fresh-faced beautiful people (I'm feeling my age) have been together for a few months. If she's doing this thing with Jaden Smith for real, Snyder about to have ALL eyes on her — but it seems like she has all the makings to be an It Girl:

She's Older

But how much older than Smith, for the life of me I can't zero in on. Some sources say she's 19, others say she is 20, and some think she's as old as 21. Here she is drinking a marg. Is it a legal one!?

She's Been Hanging With Jaden All Summer

Even Though Jaden took Amandla Stenberg to prom earlier this year, Jaden and Snyder have been kicking it for a while. He even took her to the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2 earlier this summer, and that's when the rumors that they were dating started. She was dubbed "mystery girl."

And They Seem Like Two Peas In A Pod

Just two cool young kids, being way too cool for their age.

She Takes A Great Selfie

Scrolling through this girl's Instagram feed is impressive. She's beautiful, that's clear, but she's also mastered the art of the selfie with such finesse that she could rival Kim Kardashian. Maybe Jaden should help her publish her own book of collected selfies.

She's A Model

Oh yeah, there's that, too. The 21-year old is a professional model, though she doesn't post many modeling shots on her feed. Stay humble, stay golden.

She's Got Great Style

Gucci bucket hat? No wonder Smith is into her. Snyder has an eye for style, lots of athleisure and nostalgic tees and androgynous shapes and crop tops as far as the eye can see. You can definitely get some fashion inspiration looking at her Instagram photos.

She Might Have A Bit Of A Past

Unfortunately the spotlight on Smith and Snyder dug up some dirt. After they made their appearance at the Gypsy Sport show on Tuesday, the Internet was quick to discover that Snyder has a criminal record. Apparently, Snyder was charged with grand larceny on June 15 by the Bedford Police Dept. in New York, for shoplifting a $16,000 Hermes bag. DANG. It's no surprise that once someone goes from semi-famous to famous their past gets dredged up, but hey, who hasn't made some mistakes? Sometimes you have champagne taste and a beer budget. (Not that I'm encouraging shoplifting as a hobby or anything.)

Personally, I just want to know if Willow Smith approves of her brother's new paramour. If Snyder is cool enough for Willow and Jaden, she's definitely cool enough for me.

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images