Where To Buy Beyonce's Pink Sunglasses

In addition to igniting major wanderlust, Beyonce's Instagrams of her Italian vacation, according to People, are also going to give you some serious outfit envy. Now, I'm left wondering where to buy Beyonce's pink sunglasses because I think they're the perfect way to add a pop of color to my upcoming fall wardrobe.

You might be starting to reach for all of your chunky sweaters, boots, and scarves, but Beyonce is making a case for prolonging summer as long as humanely possible. The 34-year-old singer is currently on vacation with her family in Italy, and on Tuesday, she gave all of her followers a treat by posting several snaps of their trip abroad on Instagram. Though the stunning scenery, Bey's insane bod, and adorable Blue Ivy are all definite highlights, nothing caught my eye more than her amaze pink sunglasses.

I'll admit it: I'm obsessed with pink, and these shades basically fulfill all of my pastel colored dreams. They are SERIOUSLY oversized, round, have light pink frames, and are the perfect blend of glam but still fun. They also have a slight retro feel to them, but without being too cheesy or anything. Bonus: they go perfectly with the pink and yellow flowers Beyonce wore in her hair. Goals.

So cute, right?

I need these, like, yesterday.

But since I can't actually be Beyonce, I guess owning copycat sunglasses will have to do. Here's seven options to steal Bey's pink sunglasses.

1. Steve Madden

If you don't want to shell out a ton of money for a trendy piece, these are your answer. (Retro Sunglasses; $38;

2. J.Crew

The blue and yellow on the insides give you even more pastel goodness. (Super Mona Ferragosto Sunglasses; $279;

3. Kate Spade

Big, pink, and beautiful — just like Bey's. (Bernadette Sunglasses; $170;

4. Illesteva

These are my personal favorite. The shape is big enough to feel oversized, but not so much as to overwhelm your face. Also, the detailing on the sides is so.much.pretty. (Leonard II; $290;

5. Urban Outfitters

Just go full on retro with it. (Liquid Matte Perfect Round Sunglasses; $18;

6. Chloe

Scalloped trim makes them extra feminine. (Butterfly Sunglasses; $99.99;

7. Emilio Pucci

The geometric pattern on the inside ups the retro feel. (Oversized Sunglasses; $75;

Images: Nordstrom; J.Crew; Illesteva; Urban Outfitters; Bluefly