Maisie Williams's Shopping Style Is Comfy Chic

As much as I love celebrity fashion, I think I’m more impressed by celebrities whose sense of style resembles every day living, rather than red carpet on repeat. Game of Thrones starlet Maisie Williams had a mini shopping trip Thursday before heading to L.A., stopping at a Miss Selfridge for some “killa pieces” before her travels.

I guess I just expect celebrities to be like those girls you stink eye at the mall who are clad in a dress and heels only to casually browse H&M like the rest of us, but I should have known better in Williams’s case. The young actress’s ensemble was comfy-chic, complete with tiled print jogger pants and a loose sweater. Of course, style often lies in the accessories, and her wide-brim hat and sneaks completed the look nicely.

We’re constantly told to dress to impress, but can’t a girl catch a break? The last thing I want during a shopping trip is the hassle of unzipping a dress, slipping out of said dress, only to back track through the motions after a changing room session. Shopping the trends is not a runway show. It’s more like a behind-the-scenes, so you are totally entitled to throw your hair in a ponytail and cuddle in an oversized sweater and skinnies to walk to mall. I think Williams’s has a nice balance of comfy cool in this photo, because while she’s dressed in the comfiest of clothing, her style clearly speaks for itself.

This all being said, this is a friendly reminder that "comfortable" eludes to feeling relaxed, and there is absolutely a way to be comfy-cute all in one shopping trip appropriate ensemble. Enter: Williams.

Obviously the style gods were in your favor this time around and this specific look is all too easy to emulate. Check out below a few pieces inspired by Williams's shopping trip outfit.

The Sweater

Black Rib Crop Top Miss Selfridge, $25.00,

Warm, comfy, and ease to throw on and off between potential purchase try-ons.

The Pants

Volcom 'Counting Stars' Print Harem Pant, $49.50,

I don't care if these pants sagged down to your feet. Patterned pants are stylish by default.

The Hat

BP. Metal Bead Wool Felt Panama Hat, $32.00,

I prefer beanies myself, but I could get on board with this whole floppy hat trend.

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Images: Courtesy Brands