Sir Mix-a-Lot Talks "Baby Got Back", Body Type, & Pop Culture's Problems


Sir Mix-a-Lot likes big butts, and he cannot lie. His hit song "Baby Got Back", which came out in 1992 and spread like wildfire, praised all of those big-booty ladies out there and told them that their butts — and bodies — were sexy, regardless of what mainstream media had to say about it. Yes, Sir Mix-a-Lot's video is silly (it shows the rapper dancing on top of butt-like objects and features lots and lots of penis metaphors) but it is also a particularly great commentary on what the media typically tells people is a "hot" body (a term almost always reserved for the thinnest of the thin). Vulture recently did an oral history of Sir Mix-a-Lot's famous video, and it made us love this bizarre little rap song even more. In the oral history of his video, Sir Mix-a-Lot talks about the ways in which our culture helped shape his video — and the ways that his video attempts to flip our typical views of women's bodies on its head.

Here are some of the most surprisingly thought-provoking quotes to come out of the man behind the phrase "my Anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hun".

We're happy that Sir Mix-a-Lot and the other people behind the famous video took the time out to talk about the 1992 video. Sure, there's a lot to laugh at in "Baby Got Back", but a lot of the points that Sir Mix-a-Lot makes about his song are still relevant today. We appreciate any song that celebrates a look and body type not normally admired by the mainstream media. Plus, we love that Sir Mix-a-Lot slams the media for their unrealistic portrayals of women's bodies.

(Plus, Ross, Rachel and Emma really, really dig the song, too)

Image: YouTube/ Sir Mix A Lot