5 Snapchat Lens Hacks To Up Your Game

By now, you've probably seen Snapchat's crazy new update that lets you puke rainbows and shoot sparkly hearts out of your eyes. Perhaps you've even gifted your friends (or enemies) with the nightmare-fuel that is the "demon face" lens. There's also a sappy crying face (relatable), a magazine cover, and a pseudo-Iron Man interface among others. If I may say so myself, this update is pretty much exactly what the world needed. There's an election coming up, awards shows on the horizon, and tons of major holidays — I have a feeling things are about to get beyond amazing.

The update is just a few days old, so there's still plenty of room to explore and discover just how much we can do with these lenses, and I have a feeling that people are going to get mighty creative. A few YouTubers are already making hilarious videos featuring the ins and outs of the lenses. There have even been some pretty great epic fails.

We've given you the low-down on how to perfect the art of the new lenses, so now it's time to get even crazier and show you a few ideas for what you can really do with this update.

1. Add Emoji And Text

This one's pretty basic, but just in case you missed it: the new lenses can be used in conjunction with the filters, stickers, and text options we all know and love. The possibilities are literally endless!

2. Beautify Someone Else

Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner have already put their best snap forward, but what about Donald Trump? Fat chance he'll be willingly puking rainbows any time soon. No matter! Just pull up a pic on your computer and D.I.Y.! It's a bit tricky, because Snapchat needs to use the selfie camera to apply the lenses, but I promise you the awkward angling will be worth the results.

3. Fuel Your Inner Olsen Twin

The "magazine cover" lens is particularly hilarious. It gives you a high-cheekboned pout worthy of Mary-Kate and/or Ashley. I added a tiny cigarette for good measure.

4. Create Cinematic Stories

Two of the new lenses — the "crazy-eyed mustachioed lens" and the "spooky black and white lens — just seem to go perfectly together. I think there's some serious potential for your Snap stories to turn into a black and white film to rival The Artist.

5. Try Your Luck With Videos

In the same way you can make the lenses work on a photo of someone else, you can apply the lenses to videos as well. It's tough, but this one-second GIF of vintage Oprah spouting rainbows might just be worth the effort.

Images: Katie Fustich; Giphy