See How Miss America Has Changed Over Time

We all know that society's concept of beauty has radically shifted over the past hundred years or so. But nothing articulates that fact more succinctly than seeing how Miss America's winners have changed since the pageant began in 1921. When most of us imagine Miss America contestants, we most likely picture someone tan, rhinestone-bedecked, with a super bright smile and perma-hairsprayed locks, but that wasn't always the case. It shouldn't be a huge surprise considering the ever-evolving trends surrounding women's hairstyles, eyebrows, and even body types, but ideal Miss America contestant has also morphed throughout the years to fit that mold.

For example, even from just 1921 to 1926 there was a major aesthetic shift in who was crowned the champion of the Miss America pageant. While the 1921 winner, Margaret Gorman, sported long, curly tendrils and even a jauntily placed hat, the 1926 winner, Norma Smallwood, rocked a short cropped 'do that had, in the intervening years, become the hottest hair craze.

The contest didn't see a hint of red lipstick until the 1940s when it became de rigeur, and the 1950s ushered in that signature petite hourglass silhouette with measurements of 36-23-36. If you still don't believe me, take a peek at the video below, which chronicles the evolution of Miss America through the ages.

1. No Makeup On Fleek

2. All About That Bob, 'Bout That Bob

3. Crowns & Curls

4. Thin Brows Reign Supreme

5. Enter The Red Lip

6. '50s Hourglass Figure

7. Bigger & Taller Hair

8. Farah Fawcett Hair

9. Jumbo Shoulder Pads

10. Black Eyeliner

11. Today, Sleek Hair & Lip Gloss Rule The Roost