5 'Castle' Moments All Fans Should Remember

The 12th precinct's favorite husband-wife detective duo is back when Castle Season 8 returns this fall. The seventh season of the show was revolutionary for the plot. It solved seasons-long mysteries, finally answered what the hell happened to Castle on his wedding day, and promised a more badass Beckett in Season 8. Don't remember all of this? A Castle Season 7 recap will remind you of all that, just in case your memory is as fuzzy as Castle's was after he was found on a boat.

After a long season with a ton of twists and turns, the finale of Season 7 didn't end with a huge cliffhanger like Season 6 did. It actually ended on a rather uplifting note — it's about time, right? When the show returns, we can expect to see more themed episodes, more of Castle and Beckett's relationship (could there be a possible baby in the future? It's been hinted at...), and the aftermath of Beckett getting an offer of a lifetime. So what exactly went down on CastleSeason 7? Let's recap the seventh season just in time for things to pick back up again on the eighth season of Castle.

Castle Was Abducted

Season 6 ended on the cliffhanger of Castle disappearing on his and Beckett's wedding day. After two months of being MIA, Castle was found floating on a boat, passed out, with no explanation of where he had been. For a while, it seemed like Castle was hiding something. As it turns out, Castle saved the world — casual — from a terrorist threat.

Castle & Beckett Get Married (Finally)

It was a long time coming, but Castle and Beckett finally got married in a small ceremony with just their close family and friends around them. After all they had been through, fans could finally rejoice that these two were able to get married.

Castle Became A Private Investigator

After Castle got a little too involved in a case with the mob, his relationship with the NYPD was severed. Because he couldn't stay away from the ~mystery~, he got his private investigator license and of course stepped on the toes of Beckett and the team. After 3XK was solved, Castle was reinstated to follow Beckett on the force.

3XK Is Done

CELEBRATE! After so many seasons of 3XK haunting the 12th precinct, Castle and Beckett finally put an end to the duo behind 3XK. It turns out that the plastic surgeon (Kelly Neiman) and Jerry Tyson were behind it all along.

Beckett Is Offered A Chance To Run For Senate

In the finale episode, Beckett received an offer to run for Senate, which is huge. She also was given the opportunity to run her own precinct. We always knew Beckett was a badass, but it's nice to see the show giving her that recognition.

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