How To Spend Your Lunch Break Away From Your Desk

The office lunch hour has somehow gone from being the hour of the workday that's most anticipated, to the hour of the day that's easily forgotten and left unused. I absolutely hate it when I see people choosing to eat their lunch at their desk. Don't be one of those people — instead, try out one of these creative ways to spend your lunch break that will take you out of the office, and into the neighborhood.

Studies have shown that working through lunch makes you no more productive than if you had chosen to take the hour off. In fact, just the opposite is true — many studies show that an employee's work ethic actually increases when they are allowed to spend a full 60 minutes taking a break from the office. That's right — if your boss is pressuring you into taking shorter lunch breaks, he or she's actually cheating the company.

I'm a firm believer in standing up for your hard earned, well deserved lunch break. Every. Single. Day. Not only is it illegal to not provide an employee with a lunch break, but it's pretty darn inhumane if you ask me. Working is a choice, and taking a breather in the middle of the day to refresh yourself and rejuvenate your attitude can make a gigantic difference in your outlook on life. Here's how to get the most out of your time away from your desk.

1. Walk it out

Ever find yourself in need of an energy boost once the clock strikes noon? Going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood will solve that problem stat. It also allows you to see more of your area by foot, which means you can start discovering new lunch spots more regularly.

2. Order "for here"

There's no office habit I hate more than when coworkers order their lunches "to go," only to take it back to the office. Instead, order "for here," and take the time to enjoy a non-rushed meal at your chosen restaurant. Bringing your food back to your desk doesn't make you any more productive, and it will make you feel like you ended up working straight through lunch, which is never cool.

3. Bring a book to a coffee shop

If you're a quick eater, there's no still no reason you shouldn't make the most of your full lunch hour. Bring a book with you, and hang out at the local coffee shop while sipping on a fresh brew.

4. Get a manicure

Yes, you heard me right. Manicures are ridiculously relaxing, and you'll head back to your desk looking and feeling good — guaranteed.

5. Invite a coworker to lunch

It's amazing how a relationship with a coworker can change almost instantly once you step foot out of the office. Consider inviting one of your coworkers out to lunch with you every week. Who knows? You may even make some new friends that you can hang out with outside of the office!

6. Eat at the park

If you're trying to get some nutrition in without breaking the bank, bring a bagged lunch to the office, but don't eat it there! Finding a local park or outdoor bench is another great way to spend your lunch outside instead of inside.

7. Explore local businesses

Get on Yelp, and start checking out all of the cool stores that are within walking distance. I'm not saying you have to spend your entire paycheck before you earn it, but there's no harm in looking, right? Right.

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