Kim Kardashian Knows How To Dress For Evening

by Kali Borovic

When it comes to nights out, the Kardashians are the queens of style. They know the perfect blend of risky and high-fashion and are never subtle. Kim Kardashian wore a head-to-toe Givenchy look to a recent high-profile event, and it's hard for me to even compete with this look. While my outfit for a recent night out was a bit more casual, Kardashian's was about drawing all eyes in her direction. And boy did it work.

Kardashian is known for her sexy pregnancy style, but this one takes the cake. She wore an almost entirely sheer lace Givenchy gown to attend the Givenchy Spring Summer 2016 fashion show in New York City. It's always interesting to see what she'll wear next, but I don't think anyone was expecting this. The dress was entirely see-through from the bust down, and you could see her thigh-high boots through the bottom.

Although she did keep her makeup simple, she made sure to show off the signature Kardashian glow. Whether that glow comes from the baby or the 50-step contouring routine she famously has her makeup artist follow, we shall never know (my money's on the latter). The reality star finished her look off with a rosary necklace and Kanye on her arm. Not a bad night if you ask me. I only wish my evenings were half that glamorous.

The Outfit: Kim K's Version

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seriously, how am I even supposed to compete with this?! Her look was Givenchy from head-to-toe, according to her Instagram. The custom black lace maxi dress was a show-stopper for sure. She wore a blazer into the event, but quickly ditched it to show off the high-fashion look.

The Outfit: My Version

I kept it casual for my night out with a black striped shirt and dark jeans. There was nothing custom-made about this outfit, but it was super comfy for Wednesday-night drinks with some friends.

The Hair: Kim K's Version

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She had her hair pulled back in a slick bun that focused the attention on the outfit. Her middle part was on-point and there wasn't a single hair out of place.

The Hair: My Version

Unlike Kardashian, I did pretty much nothing to my hair. I was blessed with pin straight hair with wavy ends, so after blow-drying and running the straightener through the top a few times, I was ready to go. Definitely not high-fashion, but it made for a great SnapChat pic.

The Makeup: Kim K's Version

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kardashian went with her signature contoured look for the night out. With her typical glowing skin, a lightly lined eye, and a nude lip, she looked flawless.

The Makeup: My Version

Again, I tried contouring my face, and again it just made me look even more pale than I already am. I lined my eye a little bit darker than usual and opted for a berry lip. I have zero makeup game, but this look wasn't that bad.

The Shoes: Kim K's Version

I could not actually believe that a pregnant woman wore these out, but then again Kardashian is not your typical pregnant woman. These Givenchy thigh-high boots go for a whopping $2,775.

The Shoes: My Version

I went with a classic flip-flop from TJ Maxx. They were somewhere around $15, and definitely did not make as big of a statement as Kardashian's boots did.

The Accessories: Kim K's Version

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only accessory Kardashian wore (besides her 15 carat wedding ring) was a black rosary around her neck. The necklace gave the whole look a gothic-chic, early Madonna vibe.

The Accessories: My Version

I wore a few dainty rings, but mostly I had this martini attached to my arm the entire night. I would wear a bright pink Flirtini every night if I could.

So it looks like this round goes to Kardashian. Maybe someday I'll wear my own custom-made gown, but until then, I'm going to keep it comfy.

Images: ModeSens, Kali Borovic (5)