Prince Harry, The Actor?

Is it possible that everyone's favorite redheaded royal has caught the acting bug? Possibly: Prince Harry made his acting debut Friday night in the 2015 Rugby World Cup's opening ceremony video. The short film is a dramatization of rugby's origins, which began in 1823 at the Rugby School in England.

Before watching the clip, I thought maybe he would be playing a sexy — but misunderstood, of course — 19th century monarch laying down the law. Or, you know, perhaps a hot rugby player who defies society's expectations and forges his own path of athletic domination. I mean, I wasn't going to be picky — I would watch Prince Harry in any role. When he smiles, my insides turn to grape jelly. He's just so charming!

But, imagine my surprise when it is revealed that Harry plays a gardener who only appears in the clip for about 10 seconds. I mean, as I mentioned before, I'll watch the prince in anything, but I was still surprised and heartbroken he wasn't the lead here. Thankfully, though, the role looks good on him at the very least: Prince Harry is clean-shaven and wearing a gray trousers/white shirt ensemble, and it is such a good look for him.

After watching this, I am shocked that it has taken this long for Prince Harry to bring his affable charm to screen. Check out below to see Prince Harry's blink-but-you-can't-miss-because-he-is-just-that-attractive cameo.

His cameo in this short film may be minuscule, but I think it's clear his potential for big screen domination is apparent. The sky's the limit for the prince!

In fact, there are tons of roles he should consider taking on next if he happens to get bit by the acting bug after this:

Action Star

I mean, Prince Harry can fly helicopters — I don't know how a Hollywood agent hasn't called him proposing a role in the latest Expendables installment or the Die Hard franchise.

Romantic Comedy Leading Man

The single prince would also make an excellent lead in a rom-com. The British tabloids follow Harry's love life with a laser-like intensity, so I propose giving the people what they want: a full-length film of Harry fall in love. Awwww! (Bonus points if his co-star is Emma Stone. I have an inkling they would make the perfect couple.)

Dramatic Lead

Lastly, a role that would explore Harry's moody side would be ideal. A dramatic role would highlight his range and launch him as a top thespian in the acting world.

Hopefully this cameo is only the beginning of Prince Harry's career as an actor. Or he could continue his military service — that's a solid choice too. As long as Prince Harry is in the public eye doing adorable things, I'm on board. Break a leg, Harry!

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