Will Facebook Be Required At Work Soon?

Most of us use Facebook regularly, but the site could soon become an even bigger part of your daily life — and for the few remaining holdouts who don't use it, they may soon not have a choice but to give in. Why? Apparently, the social media company is on the verge of rolling out Facebook at Work, a version of the platform that's meant to increase communication and productivity in offices and other workplaces. That's right — Facebook might soon be a required part of your job!

As Re/Code describes, Facebook at Work is "nearly identical" to the original version of the social network, only it's designed specifically for interacting with your co-workers. Whatever you share will only be visible to the other people at your company, instead of all your usual Facebook friends.

Facebook has reportedly been working on the product for years. While it's still unclear exactly when the company will officially debut At Work, it’s already begun the process of rolling it out to various workplaces. Starting in January, it launched a beta version in more than 100 companies, including Heineken, and is planning on continuing to grow that number in coming months.

So what could this mean for your office? Facebook hasn't revealed many details, but it seems like At Work will be less of an administrative tool and more of a forum for company announcements, memos, funny GIF-sharing, and other stuff along those lines. Of course, some productivity-enhancing tools will be incorporated (hey, it's called At Work for a reason).

On the downside, I feel like incorporating Facebook into our office routines will mean we will never not be on Facebook. But on the other hand, you probably already go on Facebook at work anyway — and this way, at the very least, you won't have to worry about closing out your tab every time your boss walks by.

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