The Most WTF Moments Of The 2015 Emmys Red-Carpet

The Primetime Emmys, aka "TV Prom," is an evening dedicated to celebrating the hard-earned achievements of television's greatest artists and collaborators, but it wouldn't the same without its WTF moments. This year's show was no different; there were many awkward moments of the Emmys red carpet, before the ceremony even began. Sitcom stars, comediennes, writers, producers, and the people that stock the craft services table were all waiting for the Emmys to arrive — hell, I've been waiting months for the Emmys — and during that time, shenanigans ensued. The years prepared us for this, from Betty White macking on a George Clooney cut-out in 2009 or that time last year when Game of Thrones star Kit Harington explained his addiction to skinny-dipping. The Emmys red carpet is the time for TV's greatest kooks to let their freak flags fly.

Unlike the picture perfect Oscar attendees, television stars are a different breed. They are a little rougher around the edges and more unpredictable than their film counterparts, and I'm thankful for it. Sue me, I love chaos: the countless hours that have gone into finding the perfect dress only for it rip in the press line, or when a nominee's nerves turns into one too many mini-bar cocktails in the limo. That's when the best moments of the red carpet happen.

Thankfully for the viewers at home, this year's attendees did not disappoint. Below, the most awkward moments from the 2015 Emmys red carpet:

1. Ryan Seacrest Gets Kinky With Taraji P. Henson

While speaking with Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series nominee Taraji P. Henson, Ryan Seacrest stated, "This is the first time I've seen chains, shoulder chains, I mean on the carpet," and then gave the camera a devilish grin. We know what that means — should we start calling Ryan by another name, Mr. Grey?

2. Amy Schumer Wipes Seacrest's Brow

Nothing represented the unbearable heat on the red carpet better than Amy Schumer violating Ryan Seacrest personal space by wiping the sweat from his brow.

3. E! Network's AC Vent Makes Its Red Carpet Debut

Everyone on the 2015 Emmy Red Carpet were talking about the weather. The E! network's AC Vent got significant airtime during Ricky Gervais' interview. They literally broadcasted an image of the air vent and nothing else.

4. Kevin Spacey Admits To Strangling Cashew

After saying he didn't want to be "The Spoiler in Chief" for Season 4 of House of Cards, Kevin Spacey was willing to dish on his co-star Cashew, the guinea pig. Spacey said, "In a future episode, I strangle that little mutha," with shaking hand-motion included. Leading to easily the most violent moment on the Emmy red carpet.

5. Giuliana Gets Her Facts Wrong

While interviewing Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series nominee Mayim Bialik, Giuliana Rancic asked about the Comedy Actress category being so large and what positive things it meant for women in comedy. In reality, the female comedy category has one less nominee than its male equivalent. Oops!

6. #WTH Jaimie Alexander

When asked what fans will be tweeting during the premiere of her new show Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander replied, "WTF, you know what the kids say these days. WTH." Proving her dexterity with Internet lingo. She even signed off from her interview with #thankyou.

7. Olivia Culpo Has A Medical Emergency

Beauty queen and model Olivia Culpo nearly fainted on the red carpet due to the heat and was taken off the red carpet in a wheelchair. Feel better Olivia!

8. Jimmy Kimmel Gets Dirty

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It would appear that Jimmy Kimmel is not a fan of self-promotion. When Ryan Seacrest revealed that he was wearing a "Ryan Seacrest" suit, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of the host by exclaiming, "Oh you're wearing yourself? That's like masturbating!" Causing Ryan Seacrest to run off stage.

Thank you TV people — you weirdos never disappoint.