Bradley Cooper Is Committed To 'Limitless'

It's a big year for big-screen movies to be recycled as small-screen procedurals. First, FOX has taken the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise flick Minority Report and turned it into a series about crime-solving drama. Now, CBS is taking Limitless — the Bradley Cooper-starring movie about a failed writer who unlocked tons of brain potential via a drug called NZT — and turning it into a series about the FBI that'll premiere on Sept. 22. And while no one really expects Tom Cruise to turn up on Minority Report, it has already been confirmed that Cooper will appear on Limitless . That leaves the big question: How many episodes of Limitless will Bradley Cooper sign on for?

Turns out, more than you'd think for an Academy Award-nominated actor. He was role was expanded from a cameo in the premiere to something larger. "Cooper was a guest star in the pilot, directed by Marc Webb, and intends to appear as much as his schedule permits," Deadline reported. It makes sense: While Cruise has nothing to do with the Minority Report show, Cooper is an executive producer on Limitless, which means he'll definitely want to lend his fame to give the show a shot. But how? Here's what we know about Cooper's role on the new Limitless series.

He Plays the Same Character From The Movie

Obviously, it makes the most sense to do it that way. But, when I first heard about the series, I thought it'd be about the continued adventures of Edward Morra. Instead, the show focuses on a new character — Brian Finch, another NZT user, played by Jake McDorman — leaving Cooper free to return to his role as Morra.

Morra Moved Up In The World

While he started the Limitless movie as a failed writer, now Morra is in a position of power. As the show begins, he's a senator and presidential hopeful. Also, he doesn't have that horrible out-of-work-writer haircut anymore.

Morra Takes Finch Under His Wings

You'd think one super-smart NZT user would be suspicious that another super-smart NZT user would expose him, but Morra seems to think of Finch as an ally. I mean, what presidential hopeful wouldn't want a superhumanly intelligent FBI agent in his back pocket? Morra and Finch have a mutually beneficial relationship — one the FBI doesn't know about.

Or Is It More Of A One-Sided, Backstabbing Relationship?

At the TCA event for Limitless — at which Cooper was not present — the creators of the show praised Cooper's involvement, which they said was constant. But they also hinted that his character may have nefarious underpinnings. “His character has a mixed agenda," producer Alex Kurtzman noted. "You can’t tell if he’s good or he’s bad. There may be people who speak for him, but Eddie will return." I like Shady Bradley Cooper better, anyway.

Morra Might Be The One Who Introduces Finch To NZT In The First Place

At least it seems like it according to the above clip. If Cooper ever asked me, "Are you ready to become somebody who matters?" I know I'd say yes.

There Won't Be Any Of This

Sadly. But I'm sure Limitless will have its own fun with Bradley Cooper.

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