Ryan Seacrest At The 2015 Emmys Had Huge Hair

You know the saying, "The bigger the hair, the closer to God?" Seems like Ryan Seacrest's hair at the 2015 Emmys has taken this sentiment to heart. All over Twitter, people freaked out about his larger-than-life hair on the red carpet. OK, so we may not all remember this, but there was a time when he rocked frosted tips before his current style. Let's take a journey back through his hair transformation, shall we?

Ryan Seacrest may be the only man who's had more hairstyles than America's sweetheart Rachel Greene, or Jennifer Aniston in Friends. So much so that there's even a guide to his different hairstyles, from straight to short to wavy. Evidently, there's some sort of obsession with his hair. From the faux hawk to today's Johnny Bravo's poof, it looks like he isn't afraid to play it up.

IMHO, I'm just glad his spiky blond phase is over, and I happen to be a fan of tonight's hair. A red carpet like this one deserves a little oomph. If you've got a full head of hair, why not show it off? I wish my hair looked that soft. And apparently, Amy Schumer agreed, telling Seacrest, "I like what your hair is doing," giving it a little touch. Can you really blame her?

Others, however, disagree. Twitter is practically exploding with the negative comments.

Barry Manilow? I've got to give points for creativity there, at least.

Isn't it a known fact that the unkempt look is cool?

We all know that humidity and frizz are not kind to our locks, and we've all had those days. Even though Ryan Seacrest's hair may be on the larger side tonight, I'm loving it with his little stubble. In his tux, it looks like he's going for a more grown-up look that I'm totally digging. And Amy and I aren't the only ones that agree — Taraji P. Henson told him, "You always were hot, but now you're hotter" on the red carpet.