Anti-Bacterial Soap, Genetically Engineered Salmon, And More Products We Wish FDA Would Regulate

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It's the cooking, cleaning, and coughing time of year, and the Food And Drink Administration is ON IT. Well, sort of. To be fair, they finally paid attention to that 40-year-old suggestion that anti-bacterial soap was actually pretty bad for us. You can thank the additive triclosan for that one, what with all of its hormonal side effects and encouragement of even crazier bacteria.

So, that's one thing the FDA has going for it... but what of the other products we keep hearing might be dangerous? Genetically modified salmon? Is that really going to be a thing? All of that contamination in almost all raw chicken? And what about those drugs in our drinking water? Shouldn't they be on that?

Sigh. Here's our holiday wish list for what the FDA should be investigating. And it's only five days before Christmas, guys, so step on it.

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