The Emmys' In Memoriam Spoiled, Well, Everything

We all know that at some point in an awards telecast, we're bound to see an In Memoriam for all the incredible people in the entertainment community who lost their lives in the last year. But on Sunday night's Emmy Awards telecast, viewers also got the chance to see an In Memoriam for all of the television series that ended in the last year. From Parks and Recreation to Mad Men, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and more, there really were an insane amount of television series that aired their series finales in the past 12 months. And as soon as the Emmys' TV In Memorian montage began, it was pretty clear that for anyone who is a fan of marathoning shows instead of watching them week-to-week on time like the olden days, they were about to be spoiled hardcore.

That's right, it turns out that when the Emmys decided to do a TV In Memoriam montage, they couldn't care less about spoiling the ending of some of the most popular shows on television. They didn't even put up a spoiler alert warning! Thankfully, I will: From the (spoiler!) tragic end to some of the most beloved characters on Parenthood and True Blood, to the fate of Don Draper on Mad Men, the TV In Memoriam didn't care one bit about letting viewers catch up on their favorite shows. Unsurprisingly, fans had something to say about this.

Some Twitter users revealed the TV In Memoriam's true purpose:

Others wondered what the Emmys producers and TV In Memoriam creators were thinking:

But most couldn't control their feels. At all:

If the Emmys wanted to stir up outrage, they sure did it. Would a tiny little "spoiler alert" have been too much to ask? Oh, well.