Amy Schumer's Emmy Acceptance Speech Was Amazing

by Caitlin Flynn

In a win that made viewers everywhere jump for joy, Inside Amy Schumer won the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. It was a huge victory for TV lovers who have been dying to see a truly feminist show get recognition — and it doesn't hurt that it happens to be one of those shows that will make you laugh out loud even if you're just watching by yourself. Of course, the win belonged to Schumer herself in so many ways — I mean, the show's name is a total giveaway of that fact. But Schumer's Emmy acceptance speech was totally focused on her appreciation for the people in her life who have supported her, both personally and professionally, which made it even better.

Schumer's first shout-out was to Jessi Klein, the show's head writer "who had a baby like ten seconds ago" (I'm going to assume that was a slight exaggeration). Schumer explained the backstory behind Inside Amy Schumer's creation: "[Klein] got drunk and told me that I had to follow my dreams and make my dream show." It was clearly the best advice possible, because the show has been groundbreaking — Schumer was even nominated for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, which is a huge stride for feminist television.

And the cause is important to Schumer, which is another reason why she's so damn great: "This show fights for what we believe in," she said. By doing that, she's giving a voice to women everywhere so we owe a huge thank you to her.

Schumer didn't stop there in acknowledging all the supportive people in her life — heck, she even gave a shout-out to the girl who gave her "this sort of a smoky eye"! But, the sweetest moment came at the end of her speech when Schumer thanked her sister Kim, and credited her with being "the reason that I am alive and breathing." She and Kim have been the dynamic duo at this year's Emmy ceremony — they were the absolute sweetest pair on the red carpet and Schumer's words to her couldn't have been a more perfect way to conclude her speech.

It's amazing to see Schumer getting this recognition, and it's so inspiring that, instead of making everything about her, she's eager to share her victory with her co-writers and family members. Bravo, Amy!

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