Amy Schumer Thanked Her Makeup Artist At The Emmys

Amy Schumer brilliantly and tearfully accepted the award for Best Variety Sketch Series tonight at the 2015 Emmy Awards. The accolade was much deserved with all three seasons of the show being brilliant. The usual thank yous were issued, but Amy Schumer thanked her makeup artist for her gorgeous smoky eye reminding us that every part of a star's Emmy team matters. Plus, that really is one heck of a gorgeous smoky eye!

In case you're wondering, Schumer's makeup artist is the mega talented Andrea Tiller, and she definitely deserves a shoutout. This isn't the first time that the artist has given Schumer a stunning look for a red carpet event. It's not a secret that every one's favorite funny girl — and imaginary best friend — looked gorgeous at the premiere of her movie Trainwreck. Well, that gorgeous dark eye she was rocking? It was totally courtesy of Tiller. Schumer thanking her makeup artist is notable not only because of the perfect display of artistry but also because of Schumer's uber popular "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" skit. While I'm pretty sure that the Inside Amy Schumer star probably doesn't actually need makeup, that smoky eye was on point and deserved a shoutout.

Social media has been abuzz with Schumer's shoutout with many sharing happiness for Tiller's recognition.

Tiller herself also seemed pretty stoked about Schumer's thank you, and based on her Instagram, it appears that she didn't just get a moment during the acceptance speech. In case you missed it, there was a brilliant moment at the beginning of the show where Schumer and Amy Poehler got touched up by their teams before going on stage to present. Well, fun story, that's Tiller with makeup brush in hand!

Based on Tiller's social media, it appears as though the artist has been working with Schumer for some time now. Hopefully, other stars will take notice of her gorgeous work because I'd love to see more of Tiller's looks grace red carpets!