Who Is Zaardon On 'Gotham' Season 2? The Villain May Be Totally New To The 'Batman' Canon

Not all villains have to be frightening, and since Gotham Season 2 is going to chronicle the "Rise of the Villains," I'm sure we'll meet baddies who range from totally tame to absolutely terrifying. Because the Batman prequel series shows many origin stories, the classic villains fans know from DC Comics are just starting to take shape. In the meantime, the series has also introduced new villains who are further along in their development, like Zaardon, who appears in the Gotham Season 2 premiere. Who exactly is this baddie?

The new villain seems to only appear in the Season 2 premiere thus far, according to actor David Fierro's IMDb, lists, but that could change. Before you go looking to DC Comics for clues about Zaardon, there actually aren't any established characters who go by that name. It's entirely possible that the character is just a one-off antagonist for Gotham as it introduces more and more criminals to capture in its Rise of the Villains arc. But there is one small, potential hint about Zaardon to work with, which might reveal his Gotham fate. In the above photo, we see Zaardon on his knees in front of the new character Theo Galavan, who has been described as a billionaire back in Gotham for insidious plans.

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Since Deadline reported that the actor who plays Galavan, James Frain, is a series regular this season and seems to have an important storyline for Season 2, could it be possible that Galavan and Zaardon are connected? Here's my theory: Zaardon was a low-level criminal who continued to get himself arrested for idiotic crimes until he came across Galavan, who is rounding up criminals for his own evil plans as lackeys. Perhaps he'll offer them more power and reign as crime bosses, or perform experiments on them. We can't know for sure yet. But the photo above seems to show Theo coming to Zaardon with something, most likely an offer of some kind. In this scenario, Zaardon either accepts Galavan proposal to or doesn't, but I think that either way, it won't work out very well for Zaardon.

The mystery surrounding Gotham is already building up intrigue and excitement, so now matter how Zaardon fits into the larger story, I'm just excited to uncover everything Season 2 has to offer.

Image: Nicole Rivelli/FOX