Skype Went Down This Morning

by Lauren Barbato

The video conferencing and voice-calling platform Skype went offline Monday morning due to network issues, the company said in a statement. The glitch reportedly affected video calls and group chats, but instant messaging was not impacted. The Skype support staff said that it was working on a "quick fix" to bring the platform back online, but did not say how soon it would return.

Skype staff explained the glitches in a blog post posted on the company website Monday morning:

If you're signed in to Skype, you will not be able to change your status and your contacts will all show as offline even if they are online. As a result, you won’t be able to start Skype calls to them. A small number of messages to group chats are not being delivered, but in most cases you can still instant message your contacts.

Skype added that users may be experiencing difficulty with signing into Skype, as well as loading Skype web pages. "We're doing everything we can to fix this issue and hope to have another update for you soon," the company said. "Thank you for your patience as we work to get this incident resolved."

The Skype Support Twitter account also tweeted Monday morning that its staff was working on a "quick fix" for the glitches. The company's main Twitter account also tweeted an apology to its users.

The glitches are impacting Skype users worldwide, including in the United States, Japan, Australia and Europe. Users first began reporting issues with video calls via Twitter as early as 4:23 a.m. EDT.