Watch This Little Girl Tell Her Divorced Parents How To Be Friends Again — VIDEO

Children of divorce take note: the correct attitude to take is that of this 6-year-old girl asking her divorced parents to be friends. Following a fight with her ex-husband, Cherish Sherry, a divorced, single mom, received a stern talking to from her daughter Tiana about the value of friendship. That's right, this 6-year-old is wiser, more mature, and more selfless than you have probably ever been (I don't know you, but I'm pretty confident in the assumption). When I was six I was blowing out birthday candles wishing my parents would get back together and looking up books on witchcraft in the library so I could perform love spells on them. I did not have the foresight, compassion, or patience of Tiana, obviously.

Tiana plays mediator between her parents after an argument, and moves her mom to tears. Hearing Cherish gasping "Oh my God" as her daughter schools her will probably get you all welled up, because it's not every day a little kid says anything so profound and, well, grown up. Except that grown ups rarely abide by the kind of wisdom they know they should. Here are some of Tiana's wisest moments:

1. Tiana Is Clear About What's Not On

2. She Knows What She Wants

3. And She's Got Some Solid Logic To Back It Up

4. Tiana Has Honest Goals

5. Why Can't We All Be More Like Tiana?

Watch the adorable video in its entirety below:

Tiana Smile Club on YouTube

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