How To Wear Tights Under Jeans To Stay Cute & Warm

by Lindsey Rose Black

While possibly my favorite article of clothing, a pair of jeans is not exactly the warmest choice for winter. Luckily, knowing how to wear tights under jeans means you can rock your favorite denim even when the temps drop below freezing (because, if you're on the east coast like me, you know they will)! Winter cold might be unavoidable, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice looking and feeling your best to stay warm.

Growing up in Texas and then spending my teens and college years in Los Angeles meant I got super spoiled when it came to cold weather. A single snowflake in Dallas is enough to shut down all roads and cancel school, while snow in Los Angeles would basically mean the apocalypse is near.

It wasn't until I spent a year teaching English in rural Japan (Jet Program represent!) that I had my first real winter. To say the least, I was not prepared and basically spent four months shivering my ass off.

I moved to New York the next year and knew I'd have to up my cold weather game. While I appreciate good ol' thermal underwear, it's usually too thick to fit under a pair of skinny jeans. I started testing out tights under jeans, and definitely found three solid strategies to get me through those random New York blizzards (looking at you, last winter).

The cute pairs of tights below are warm, super cozy, and can easily be worn under even your tightest pair of jeans.

1. Fleece-Lined Tights

Plush Fleece-Lined Tights, $35, Bloomingdales

Hands-down, this is my favorite pair of tights to pop under jeans. I also love layering them under other tights!

2. Wool Tights

Wool Tights, $20, J. Crew Factory

Save wool tights for your coldest days or you'll risk a bit of sweating. Yes, that's how warm they are!

3. Cashmere Tights

Wolford Cashmere Silk Tights, $255, Bloomingdales

Cashmere tights just feel like you're giving your legs the sweetest teddy bear hug every time you slip them on.

Image: Courtesy of Brands