Ed Sheeran Passed Out by Jennifer Aniston's Pool & 6 Celebs Who Party Like They're in College

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As the holidays roll in full force, many celebrate at office parties and family gatherings with champagne and wine in hand. And it looks like Ed Sheeran is down with that. The British pop star revealed that on Thanksgiving Eve he partied at Jennifer Aniston's with his pal Courteney Cox and proceeded to pass out by Jen's pool. Fun story, probably a rough hangover.

Once most of us graduate from college or are over the age of 23, our ability to hold a drink without a hangover decreases IMMENSELY. It happens to the best of us. We go out with our friends and dance the night away and OOPS you're texting your ex or falling asleep on the kitchen floor after deciding a pizza picnic at 3 a.m. is a great idea.

And as it turns out, celebrities are just like us when it comes to partying a little too hard. Grab the Ibuprofen and some fried eggs, here are seven of the funniest celebrity party stories.

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