Ace Halloween With This Sexy Donald Trump Costume

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Every Halloween we have to decide between sexy, funny, and scary. But this year, Yandy has #blessed us with something that includes all three: A sexy Donald Trump costume.

From the waist down, you’ll be all sex appeal. With skin-tight booty shorts and a pair of “meet me under my desk in five” office-style pumps, you’ll feel attractive enough to combat the other two conflicting elements of the costume. Because from the waist up, it’s pure comedy. A fitted right wing shirt and jacket combo paired with a wig mimicking Trump’s notoriously terrible head of hair is bound to bring in the laughs. In actuality, the wig is much more attractive than Trump’s real 'do, but its rotten carrot soup color and meandering direction is spot on. This costume is topped off with a cap that reads: "Making America Great". (Er — maybe they couldn’t fit the actual slogan “Make America Great Again”?) This reminder that Trump believes in himself so much that he just might secure himself onto the ticket will make this Halloween the scariest, for sure.

So, if you’re all out of costume ideas and you're not afraid of enduring some eye rolls and making some enemies, this costume can be all yours for about $70! Though, if you’re looking to dress up in comical controversy, you might be better off carrying around a deflated football; it’ll save you a pretty penny and unlike Donald Trump, it'll still be functional.

Steve Pope/Getty Images News/Getty Images

(OK, now it's Officially Too Weird.)

Images: Yandy (2)