Hayes Grier Is Friends With So Many Social Stars

by Michelle McGahan

Just in case his 4 million Vine followers, 4.2 million Instagram followers, and almost 3 million Twitter followers aren't enough to propel Hayes Grier to victory on Dancing With the Stars Season 21, don't worry, because the kid has a handful of friends with equally as strong social media followings. Not only is Hayes the youngest contestant to ever compete on DWTS, the blue-eyed teen has a legion of fans so devoted, well, they'll do just about anything in their power to ensure his victory. And if his fellow Vine and YouTube stars encourage their fans to get in on that voting action, well, it'll really make for a force to be reckoned with.

Perhaps it's not surprising that the 15-year-old has a ton of social-media famous friends, since he's been Vine-famous for several years and has formed close bonds with his fellow social stars on fangirl-frenzied tours like MagCon and DigiTour. His older brother, Nash, had already paved the way in the world of Vine when his little bro started picking up steam, so it doesn't exactly come as a shock that the two share many of the same friends — and a lot of these friends are guys from various social media platforms.

Check out some of Hayes' fellow social media-famous friends below.

Nash Grier

Yeah, this one's a given considering Nash and Hayes are brothers, but the two are also super close and frequently appear in videos together.

Tez Mengestu

YouTube personality Tez Mengestu is a fellow social star and friend, who traveled with Hayes during DigiTour.

Cameron Dallas

Cameron Dallas a long time bestie of Nash and is super close with Hayes, as well.

Jack & Jack

Hayes is close with both like-named members of pop-rap duo Jack & Jack.

Madison Beer

Plus, he supports YouTube star (and Justin Bieber protégé) Madison Beer.

Taylor Caniff

Friends since the MagCon days, Hayes supports his bud Taylor Caniff and helps him get those social numbers up. Hey, a friend's gotta do what a friend's gotta do — and in the world of celebrity, it's all about building your brand.

Shawn Mendes

Hayes and Shawn Mendes — whose career has arguably taken off the most of his social media-famous peers — have also been friends since the days of MagCon.

Social media powers, activate and help score Hayes Grier that coveted, coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.