'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Casts 'Parks and Rec' Dude as Captain Holt's Mysterious Husband

Big news for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine: According to TVLine, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has cast Marc Evan Jackson in the role of Captain Holt's mysterious husband Kevin Cozner, who is oft-referred to in the series but never revealed — until now.

Captain Holt, who is portrayed by Andre Braughner, has frequently mentioned his husband, throughout the first season, but identifying details were never discussed. Jackson, who currently stars as Trevor Nelsson on Parks and Recreation, will appear in the show as Captain Holt's husband at some point in early 2014, when he invites the entire 99th precinct to a birthday party for Captain Holt at their home.

Apparently, as no one in the 99th precinct had yet met Kevin and just heard his name, they briefly assume that Captain Holt is married to actor Kevin Costner — but hey, Cozner and Costner are close enough, can you blame 'em?

If you don't watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, two things: Start now, because it's awesome. And, secondly, all you need to know is that the comedy follows the (fictional) 99th precinct in NYC, and everyone — from the detectives to beat cops to administrators — who works there. Stuff like this happens:

No word yet on when Jackson's episode will air, but Brooklyn Nine Nine airs on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. ET on Fox.