How Boone Could Connect To 'Scream Queens' Crimes

by Keertana Sastry

Who would have thought that a Jonas brother could be so damn suspicious? On Tuesday night's series premiere of FOX's Scream Queens , we were finally introduced to the Kappa House and the start of some pretty grisly murders inside it. The episode began with a flashback to 20 years ago, when a young girl unexpectedly died after childbirth during a party and the cover-up that followed. It seems that this secret was discovered by someone else, who is now out for revenge on the sorority. So how exactly does Nick Jonas come into play? His character Boone was supposedly murdered by the red devil killer, but we learned at the end of the two-hour episode that he faked his death. Does that mean Boone is involved in the murders?

The most obvious conclusion would be that he is absolutely involved. It's entirely possible that Boone is actually seeking revenge for his mother's death 20 years ago and that he is the baby who was birthed in the bathtub. Maybe he's working with whoever is wearing the devil costume to kill the women of Kappa House. But the mystery remains, why seek revenge on people who had nothing to do with the murders? Why kill off one of the Kappa pledges who didn't even know about the scandal from 20 years ago, and a security guard? I just don't see Boone having much of a reason for doing any of this, and I also am not totally convinced he's the child from the bathtub, so perhaps there's another explanation for him faking his death.

Maybe instead, he is working with the killer by doing his part to scare everyone and show off just how much their lives are at stake. Boone in return gets to see Chanel, his rival for Chad's affections, in constant terror and he is remembered for all of his best qualities.

But then again, he could not be involved in the killings at all. There are two other possible options. He could have faked his death because he was so afraid of actually being killed by the red devil, or as a way to stay on the outside of the campus and investigate the killings. Honestly, I'm not sure where exactly Boone will come into play just yet. We've only just begun to get to know his character. For all we know at this point, he is actually just a pawn and actually has nothing to do with the murders. Whatever the case, I'm sure Ryan Murphy has something exciting up his sleeve for Boone as Scream Queens progresses.

Image: Steve Dietl/FOX