'1989' Isn't Taylor & Ryan's First Encounter

by Nicole Pomarico

On Monday, something magical happened. After weeks of anticipation — and excited social media posts from Taylor Swift — Ryan Adams finally released his 1989 cover album, and it's just as wonderful as you'd imagine. It's a totally reimagined take on Swift's latest (and, in my opinion, best) album, and Adams' songs are so different from the original that they're practically brand new. Even though literally every song on the album is genius, Adams has managed to give me a new appreciation for something I thought I already appreciated, and that's the mark of true talent. Seriously, if you haven't listened yet, what are you waiting for? iTunes is calling your name, my friend, and you will not regret answering the call.

And If you've already spent most of the day enjoying this gorgeous gift of musical wonderfulness like I have, you're probably wondering if Swift and Adams are friends. Because really, how else does something like this happen? You know, aside from the fact that the universe clearly wanted it to. Although Adams isn't exactly part of Swift's famed girl squad, they definitely have a history, and it all started when they worked together on a song for Swift's "Red" album in 2012.

According to what Adams said in an interview with USA Today, they first met when Swift called him to see if he'd be interested in a collaboration, and he said yes. Unfortunately, the song they wrote together never made it onto the album, but Adams has nothing but good things to say about her. As he explained:

She basically already had this thing done. I just sat down and went, "What about this?" And "What about this?" We worked on a bridge, and we finished it. I guess I was the guy who could call people that would come in around 11 or 12 to jam. There's that special, very interesting ingredient where you hear a skeleton of the song, just the bones, and her voice, and you go, "Well, of course, this person plays to 60,000 people." It's like at the end of Dune, with Paul Atreides riding the Sandworm, and his eyes are all blue from the spice mélange. That's totally how I see Taylor.

And of course, the feeling is mutual. Swift has said that Adams has always served as a huge inspiration to her, so that explains all the freaking out she's done on Instagram for the past week. I imagine it's like if Swift decided she was going to turn every article I've ever written into a song — in all likelihood, I'd be so pumped that I'd be rendered unconscious for the rest of my life.

I'm really bummed that Swift never released that song, but I am so grateful that their collaboration led Adams to bestow upon us this beautiful treat for our ears. Maybe its success will inspire them to put that song out after all? Your move, Swift.