6 Totally Necessary Google Search Tricks

Confession: up until like 30 minutes ago, I thought I knew how to use Google. My confidence was palpable. I was glowing from self-assurance. And then I watched this video of Google search bar tricks... and my glowing stopped.

The latest creation from BuzzFeed Blue, BuzzFeed's lifehacks and how-to YouTube channel, this video of six Google search bar tricks isn't like what your school librarian taught you for that 7th grade research project. Using quotation marks to search a whole phrase? Over it. Typing "DEFINE" in front of a word to bring up the dictionary definition? Snoozefest. Use your imagination, guys. Ever heard of it?

What really makes this video a game-changer is that these tricks use the search bar itself (not just regular ol' Chrome). Turns out, this bad boy is like one of those Transformer monsters. Granted, I have not seen any of those movies (nor did I grow up during the '80s), but from what I understand they're like "I'm a car! Ha ha, gotcha, I'm actually a robot!" Well, that's what these tricks are like, more or less. Less robot, more transform-y. Ready to have your mind blown? I'm not sure you are, but you'd better prepare yourself anyway.

Here are four of my favorites; scroll down to watch the full video for all six.

1. Turn It Into a Game!

And that, children, was the day that my productivity literally flew out of the window.

2. Turn It Into an Itinerary!

Perfect for someone whose traveling anxiety is centered exclusively on arriving at the airport on time. And by "on time," I mean a minimum of three hours early. Pro-tip: Don't travel with me.

3. Turn It Into a Timer!

Yes, I know you could use your phone for this, but using Google is so much cooler.

4. Turn It Into a Quarter!

This one might be my number one favorite, only because, like, who thought to make it do this? A digital coin flip is the tool we all desperately needed and never even knew it. I want shake that human's hand for sure.

Check out the full video here:

Images: keso s/Flickr; BuzzFeedBlue/YouTube (4)