Blake Lively Is Back To Being A Blonde

by Sienna Fantozzi

She might have started the "bronde" trend, but she left it pretty darn quickly. Blake Lively is blonde again, according to The Daily Mail. Lively was spotted filming the new Woody Allen movie and she is, surprise, surprise, back to full-on blonde. Not that she doesn't look fan-freaking-tastic as a blonde (no lie, she's my hair muse), but I have to admit, I'm sort of missing the bronde.

Lively made serious headlines when she took her famously blonde hair considerably darker this summer, coining the term "bronde," a hybrid of blonde/brown hair. Though she seemed to be really getting into the role of a bronde, posting Instagrams with captions like "brondes have more fun" and "#BrondeJamesBronde," it looks like she definitely believes blondes have more fun. The 28-year-old actress was spotted on the set of her new movie (looking like a 1940s goddess by the way, NBD) with a bright blonde head of hair. R.I.P bronde Blake.

Since the Gossip Girl star's darker hair was for a movie role, I definitely had a feeling she'd eventually become a blonde again, but I wasn't expecting her to transition so quickly. Granted, this Woody Allen movie could have something to do with it, so maybe she'll darken it up a bit after she's done filming?

Blake looks stunning no matter what hair color she has, but since blonde is probably here to stay, let's reminisce on her time as a bronde.

Blake dropped the bronde-bomb on us on Instagram, and even she seemed to be shocked by the switch. But it didn't take long for her to embrace the new color.

And then there was the most epic #hairgoals shot.

...But when she attended her friend's book launch in NYC last week and debuted a head of reddish-blonde hair, I had a feeling the transition back to blonde was underway.

And sure enough, it was.

I'm definitely excited to see her bronde hair in live action when that movie comes out, though!