How To Tie A Blanket Scarf

by Lindsey Rose Black

Cool, chic — and above all — warm, blanket scarves are a winter must-have. But to avoid looking like you're just wearing a blanket cape (which, rock it if that's your thing!), there's a ton of different ways to learn how to tie a blanket scarf depending on the look you're going for. A simple scarf fold or belt can easily take your scarf from coffee date to cocktail hour. The best part? You really are just wearing a wonderfully warm blanket in the most fashionable way. Score.

To get the best inspiration for how to tie a blanket scarf, I turned to some of my favorite stores, as well as the fashion blogging world. There are so many creative folks out there and scrolling through blogs is an easy rabbit hole to tumble down!

If you've just purchased a new blanket scarf, welcome to the club. I remember loving my first one, but initially being nervous to wear it because I was convinced people would catch on to the fact it was basically a small blanket. But after the several dozen compliments I usually got when wearing it, my insecurities totally subsided. Ain't no shame in being trendy and warm at the same time!

Below are several of my favorite ways to tie these warm, dreamy scarves. Prepare to fall in love!

1. Keep It Loose

Burberry Fringed Knit Scarf, $795, Saks

Take a note from Burberry and drape your scarf over the shoulders for a carefree elegance that can't be beat.

2. Classic Twist

Icelandic Rib Scarf, $54, U rbanoutfitters

Urban Outfitters nailed it here with a simple twist and fold across the neck, leaving the ends hanging down.

3. Cowboy Chic

Pashmina With Tassels, $11, Amazon

Anthropologie takes a glam approach to bandana vibes by folding a square blanket scarf into a triangle and then wrapping the corners around the neck.

4. Wide Half-Wrap

Color Block Scarf, $13, Amazon

Courtney and Stephanie of The Darling Two have got the half-wrap blanket scarf #IWokeUpThisChic down to a fine science.

5. Belted

Plaid Blanket Scarf, $15, AmazonThin Leather Belt, $30, Amazon

Emily over at Life With Emily opts for a super cute belted blanket scarf look perfect for a day out.

6. The Perfect Triangle

Checked Blanket Scarf, $15, Amazon

Cortney from Cort In Session created this super helpful diagram on how to get the perfect triangle scarf look if you're having trouble mastering it.

7. Half-Tied

Oversized Fringe Scarf, $17, Amazon

It was hard to pick which of Whitley at Classy Sassy Blog's blanket scarf ideas to feature. She has three you should definitely check out, and I'm swooning extra hard for this half-tied blanket scarf.

8. Sweater Style

Tartan Scarf, $17, Amazon

Melanie from Born Lippy's favorite look is wrapping a blanket scarf around the shoulder to where, from further away, you'd swear it was a cute flowy sweater.

9. Belted Poncho-Style

Bluevi Scarf, $20, AmazonBlack Belt, $18, Amazon

Karolina at Karamode is a stunner in a belted poncho-style blanket scarf. The look is so effortlessly elegant.

Image Credit: The Darling Two(2); Courtesy of Brands; Life With Emily; Cort In Session; Classy Sassy Blog; Born Lippy; Karamode