How To Join 'Scream Queens' (Fictional) Sorority

Finally, the wait is over: Scream Queens premieres Tuesday night on FOX and I can't wait for 8 p.m. to roll around, because the new TV series is everything viewers could want from executive producer Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story). His new horror-comedy follows the sassy (and scared?) sorority sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau being taunted by a killer at the fictional Wallace University. But is Kappa Kappa Tau a real sorority? It looks like Kappa is as fictional as Wallace U., but there are specific rules to join as set forth by Scream Queens in the trailers, so maybe one day it will be real. (The being-chased-by-a-killer part can be an optional part of the experience, of course.)

The series follows Kappa president Chanel Oberlin (played by AHS alum Emma Roberts), her sisters, and pledges at the disgraced but once popular sorority as they fight off a masked killer known as the Red Devil. Naturally, all of this may have something to do with a decades-old murder mystery at Wallace. "They have to band together because of a murder that happens," Roberts told Entertainment Weekly about the sorority sisters. "It’s really fun because you see all these different personalities under one roof. People you don’t think come together, come together. You never know who’s gonna be on whose side."

Sold on joining Kappa now? Well, here are the rules Scream Queens has put forth for all sisters to follow.

1. You Will Be Called Chanel

You don't have to legally change your name or anything like that. Just be ready for Chanel herself to call you by her own name and a number. It's just a thing she does — perhaps inspired by all the Heathers in the movie Heathers? "Chanel just doesn’t care what anyone’s actual name is and she’s so self-centered that she just calls them Chanel No. 2, Chanel No. 3, and Chanel No. 5," Roberts explained to EW. "Even when we walk down the hall we have to walk in a certain formation."

2. Be Prepared To Face Off With The Dean

And she's played by the ultimate scream queen — Jamie Lee Curtis, who is Dean Cathy Munsch in the Scream Queens universe. According to the trailers, Dean Munsch wants to shut down Kappa, and, as a sister, you better fight for your right to be Greek.

3. Accept Everyone — For Now

According to the trailers, Dean Munsch is making Kappa accept anyone who wants to join the sisterhood, even the nerdy Hester (played by Lea Michele). But I don't think little requirement will last too long, if Kappa gets back its golden rep.

4. Dress For Success

Um, look at those designer threads. Don't walk into the Kappa house unless you are fashion forward.

5. Perfect Your Scream

The series is called Scream Queens, after all. I'm not saying the killer will target you — but if he does, you can try to scare him off with your best scream. And if so, RUN!

6. Be The Final Girl Standing

You know who I'm talking about — in every horror movie, there's always that last girl who survives and bests the killer. Which Kappa sister will finally defeat the Red Devil?

Images: Steve Dietl (4), Skip Bolen (2), Patti Perret/FOX